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Let or Stroke?

Following are a few common scenarios where players are often in doubt whether it is let or strok.

Playing ball after it hits the backwall

I have never seen a stroke given when the ball is played off the backwall and the opponent is blocking direct access to the front wall. However, nothing in the rules as far as I know say that a ball off the backwall should be treated any differently?

It should be a stroke, except in the following scenarios:

  1. There is some doubt whether the ball would indeed hit the opponent on its way to the front wall
  2. Turning situation
  3. Further attempt to play the ball

You are both correct, and World Referees get it wrong all the time. I have even seen pro players get hit over frustration with not receiving strokes.

It's simple: If you can hit your opponent going to the front wall, and you haven't turned or made a second attempt, it's a stroke. Good luck getting the correct call though.

Service down the middle of the court

When someone serves down the middle but still tries to occupy the T ... you can't hit the front wall with your return but I bet most times you'll only get a let because people think you can't get a stroke off the serve ... WRONG

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