How to Optimize Training Cycle
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How to optimize training cycle

Perform your training on a cyclic routine, i.e start slowly, peak, cool down, rest then repeat. This is certainly the best way to make rapid improvement in the game. Playing every day for several hours won't get you to the top level any faster. In fact playing continuosly leads to mental and physical fatigue and actually hurts your game more than it helps it.

By training on a cyclic basis you are always physically and mentally fit when you step on court and can perform your best. Also you give your body and mind plenty of rest to recover from hard training sessions and allow new techniques and stratgies to seep into your mind quicker. Apply the cyclic training principle to your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine.

Get fit to play squash or play squash to get fit?

Hashim Khan is famous for his saying, "Get fit to play squash, not play squash to get fit". However, there is no subsitute for playing squash against an actual human being.

I have always found running incredibly boring even though it is just as good a workout as squash . What is it about squash that makes it fun? My theory is it is all about competition. If you remove the opponent and play by yourself it becomes just as boring as running.

But add the opponent back in the equation and some unique genetic response turns on that makes all the exercise "fun"... I suppose this is the same in all sports, but I would not know since I only play squash competitively. For me I don't even care about winning or losing. I am fascinated by the challenge of each point and trying to outsmart by opponent by better shot selection and fitness....

Here are examples of how to cycle your training:

Weekly cycle routine

Play three days and take one day of full rest. Here's how I would break up the three days:

  • Day 1 : 40 minutes of solo drills on court
  • Day 2 morning: 1 hour session with weaker opponent
  • Day 2 evening: 40 minute session with strong opponent
  • Day 3 : 40 minutes hour solo drill + 1 hour of conditioning game

    Monthly cycle routine

    Play three weeks hard and take one week off to play in a tournament

    Yearly cycle routine

    Train hard during the squash season and cool down in the off-season. Take a few weeks off from the game , but mantain your skills by playing at least once a week. Cross-train with another sport like cycling.

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