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Squash service types

Hammer serve

Description: Aim for the side-wall / floor nick at the end of the service box.

Execution: Hit hard just above service line

Pros: Useful when opponent is standing back in the corner

Cons: Useful only from right service box

Lob serve

Description: Aim high in the middle of the court so the ball hits the sidewall deep and high then hits the ground before hitting the back wall.

Execution: Use a low underhand swing

Pros: Very difficult to return as ball should cling high to the sidewall. Likely will result in the opponent playing a loose cross-court.

Cons: Easy with a warmer ball, requires utmost precision and stroke with a colder ball. If not hit accurately the serve can be left open and your opponent can attack it easily.

Body serve

Description: Aim for the opponent's body

Execution: Hit hard just above service line like a hammer serve, but much narrower angle

Pros: Useful as a variation or surprise serve. Very effective when you have game/match ball and opponent is under pressure to play defensively.

Cons: Done too often and it becomes predicatable

Backhand serve

Description: Backhand hit serve from the right service box

Execution: Bend low and be close to the T. Idea is for ball to hit the sidewall at the rear of the service box with a much narrower angle compared to a forehand serve.

Pros: Useful when opponent likes to volley kill your forehand serves. This way you constantly have an eye on what they are shaping up to do and you cover the front left corner easier.

Cons: Requires skill to hit consistently hit into the sidewall with a narrow angle.

Forehand serve

Same as backhand serve except done with forehand from left service box. Can be hit hard or soft. Idea is to be as close to the T so you can limit the angle your serve comes into the sidewall. The tighter the angle, the better.

Corkscrew serve

Description: From left service box aim for ball to high high on the top left of the frontwall then immeadietely hit the left sidewall to come diaganollay across the court into the rear of the right service box area.

Execution: Hit hard and high from a low position, and stand as much to the right as possible

Pros: Surprises opponent. If done properly the spin from the ball will make it very difficult to retrieve if the opponent lets it hit the right sidewall.

Cons: Only useful with an extremely warm ball. Completely useless serve with a cold ball.

Tennis style serve

Description: Useful for beginners who find it hard to generate power in their serve

Execution: Throw the ball above right shoulder and hit it hard, aiming just above the service line.

Pros: Ball comes at the opponent fast giving little time for them to react.

Cons: Easy to volley since serve is usually aimed away from the opponent's sidewall.

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