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Squash Service Returns

The five main service returns are:

  • Cross-court deep (like serving it back to them) This is generally the easiest shot and fairly safe return. The higher and softer it is hit the better it is.

  • Straight deep. More difficult to execute, but a very safe and defensive return. If hit accurately and tightly it can immeadiately put pressure on your opponent.

  • Straight drop - good for variation to keep your opponent honest. Prevents them from cheating by hanging back expecting a deep return.

  • The straight smash - against those lob serves or ones that wonder a bit away from the side wall with any height. Hit hard overhead (tennis) shot straight down the line aiming low. Clean winner though can be risky as puts you slightly off balance

  • Crosscourt drop - extrememely risky, only useful once per game when opponent is getting lazy and hanging back and not watching you return serve.

    At the beginner level I would just focus on the cross-court return and maybe one other one like the straight drop.

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