Lesson 1- Squash balls , equipment and rules
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How to get started playing Squash

Squash is not like flying where you must have professional instruction to learn. Basically, just get hold of a cheap racket and the beginner ball . Unfortunately, the beginner ball is typically not sold in stores. You have to order it online from any squash store. Then find a club to go knock around by yourself. Practice hitting the ball back to yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you will meet other novices that you can arrange to play. Be polite and ask anyone you see if they can recommend some players of your level. Nearly all squash players are fanatics and play the game regularly. So they will know who all plays at the club and their standard. Also most squash players are novices so can easily play beginners and still get a good challenging workout.

As soon as you have found a regular partner you should start taking lessons and reading the information on my website. Otherwise your bad habits will stay with you forever.

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