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How to use the e-Lessons

The e-lessons are targeted at 2.5 (D) level players trying to improve quickly to 4.5 (B) level. It is well known that the better you get in squash, the harder it is to improve. At the higher levels, the game is won on nuances and fine distinctions of accuracy. However, upto the 4.5 (B) level, solid strategy and technique are all that is needed to succeed.

If you are serious about reaching a semi-professional level or at least state ranking, then you must get some lessons from an experienced teaching pro. My e-lessons are good but are secondary to having the correct technique demonstrated live by a pro.

You need to have the swing/stroke, grip, footwork and strategy correct from the start, otherwise you develop bad habits that are very frustrating to break. Swing is the most important as that is your building block for all your success in squash. Only a pro can see what you are doing and make the necessary adjustments. I would recommend lessons at least once every few weeks for the first few months. After that just one every few months is enough.

If you are young ( under 12 years old ) and want to get to be a pro, then I would recommend hiring three coaches. Each coach will teach you slightly different things. You also protect yourself from learning only one style of play. Not everything a coach says is correct. By having your training reviewed by several coaches, you will quickly know what is really important and what is not. For example, if all three coaches say to hit the ball a certain way, then you know it must be correct. But if only one coach says to swim three miles before each squash practice then you can probably ignore that!

Obviously having three coaches can be very expensive. Most people can not afford that luxury, so I suggest something different. Videotape your games and post them on youtube. Then go to the various squash online forums and ask people to watch and comment. Also remember, we are our own best critics. Just watch your own games and ask yourslef, "What does not look right?". Compare your technique to the pros and make sure there is nothing different down to the smallest details.

Last, do not take everything in these e-lessons as the final word. There are many ways to get to the top. I have seen players with unorthodox technique in every skill level of squash. The good news is the better you get the more consistent the playing styles become. So buy instructional DVD's and read other websites to identify common themes . You are much more likely to follow advice you see repeated from multiple sources rather than one.

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