Useful Squash related articles
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Useful squash related articles


  • Squash book, DVD and movie reviews
  • Squash players code of conduct
  • How to string a squash racquet
  • Squash oddities
  • Squash drills for kids
  • Guide to playing squash - a Poem by Z
  • Squash haiku poem

    Building and converting squash courts

  • Building an outdoor squash court
  • Interesting squash courts !
  • Using a portable wooden backwall in a racquetball court
  • Converting a racquetball court for squash using a movable backwall

    Squash Injuries

  • Achilles Tendon squash injury experience
  • Squash heel spurs [aka plantar fasciitis]
  • Back injury squash experience
  • Knee injury squash experience
  • Reducing Muscle Soreness the day after squash
  • World squash travels

  • Importance of Squash atmosphere at club
  • Squash in Pohang, South Korea
  • Trinidad squash and Tobago squash trip
  • Nepal - Kathmandu squash trip
  • American cross country squash road trip

    College squash

  • Advice on playing squash in American colleges

  • Questions?
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