Squash players code of conduct

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From the United States Squash Racquets Association

I. Safety first. Hold up on your shot rather than risk injury to your opponent.

II. Abide by the tournament and playing rules and those of squash etiquette.

III. Play your best at all times.

IV. Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. Accept your opponent's calls.

V. Ask for a let only if you think you could have reached the ball.

VI. Offer a let point whenever you know you failed to clear fully and obstructed your opponent's shot.

VII. If you doubt your own get, call it "not up."

VIII. Don't argue. Play a let if you cannot agree.

IX. Don't try to "psych" your opponent except by the excellence of your game.

X. Win and lose in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

The Etiquette of Squash - a Poem by Zee Shaan

Squash is my way of life
kindly don't take that as a joke
cuz when someone asks for a let
I humbly offer a stroke...

I never play a carried ball,
always call the double bounce,
the questioning of referees' calls,
such practices I strongly denounce...

When I am ready to serve,
I audibly announce the score,
If there's a dispute in numbers,
in their favor, I opt for more...

No point in throwing ur racquet,
think of it as a part of ur arm,
now imagine if u will in anyway,
ever deliberately bring it any harm?

No gain being abusive verbally,
try & respect your own name,
u will win some & will lose some,
in the end, it's all part of the game...

I try to always get out of the way,
to allow them a direct path,
never happy getting bumped,
hence suffering someone's wrath...

No matter if they're better or worse,
I always enjoy hitting with them all,
because I know I can always outdo myself,
as long as I keep my eyes on the ball...

I can tell u loads about the game,
but I'll leave u with this advice,
always respect ur opponent & the game,
to sum it up: "just try & be nice..."

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