Knee squash injury
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Knee squash injury experience by Zubair of Pakistan

I have played quite a bit in Punjab R Association till 1995 where during the game I injured myself by picking a drop shot on the left corner of the court near the board in front and running at the back right cornor to take another drop, where I figured that my right knew joint is opened . It felt as if top bone of the thigh is come out of the knee joint. Closd eyes I was in a deep pain. After 5 min when I opened Alhamdolillah everything was intact but the ligament of cap around the right knee were ruptured. I got my X-ray done and Alhamdolillah there was nothing to worry from the broken bones point of view. It took 2 months before I could walk properly. And whenever I jumped I fell down coz couldn't take load on that knee. I cried that I would never be able to play or enter into squash courts again. Till last year I grew my bally 44". That was a killer to a sportsmen. I started to swim and excercise in the pool, used to walk almost 6-7 km daily and whenever I walk along the Squash court to go to the Swimming Pool, my heart would always cry for it. I WISH I COULD PLAY SQUASH AGAIN.

One fine fine evenning I was stubborn to go in and play. Allah is very kind for me and to everyone I guess. Alhamdolillah by the help of the coach I am have been playing NOT BAD squash for the last one year. I have also joined GYM to work out on the knee muscles around the joint. By the way, By the Grace Of Allah S.W.T. I have reduced to 37". I am Grateful to Allah Subhan A Watallah. Questions?
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