Squash Plantar Fasciitis
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Squash Plantar Fasciitis Injury

I have developed a case of heel spurs [aka plantar fasciitis]. I suspect it was brought on by using my squash shoes long past their use-by date. Anyway, I've now bought new shoes, and they are definitely easier on my soles than the older ones. However, due to the previous injury, my condition is not improving, and I have discomfort in the mornings. Can anyone suggest exercises that can reverse the problem?

I had the same injury because i also over used my shoe. i dont know if there are any exercises to make u feel better but what i did is that i rested for about 5-6 days and bought new shoes and now the pain is gone.

A friend of mine had that once and he said the doctor prescribed a special sole for his shoe. The problem has now completely disappeared for him. I don't remember him mentioning any exercises.

You have good information about the matter in this SquashTalk.com article . Iīll advice you to visit a specialist, he will probably tell you to first solve the problem, thatīs what you probably use the special sole and rest for, and then "strech and strenth" to prevent, and of course, change your squashs shoes regularly so that cushion would work properly

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