Squash oddities

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Squash oddities

  • No matter how many years you have played there will always be someone with awful technique who just picked up the game last year that can beat you!

  • Two beginners with no idea what the nick is will grab it at least several times in game. However, two pros will rarely hit the nick despite aiming for it at every opportunity.

  • The slower you swing your racquet, the greater the chance of a mis-hit . Conversely the faster you swing , the greater the chance you will hit the sweet spot.. This leads to the illogical conclusion that the more time you have to play a shot, the greater the chance you will mishit it , unless you swing fast!

  • "Squash racquet is like toothbrush, once you lend it to someone, you don't want it back" Hashim Khan

  • I am always amazed how squash players have unlimited budgets when it comes to squash racquets which does almost nothing for your game. If you really want to improve, there is no substitute for good coaching, videos and books.

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