Trinidad squash and Tobago squash trip
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Trinidad squash and Tobago squash trip

In March 2003, I took a trip to visit family in Trinidad and Tobago. Thanks to the help of member Cicelia Prudent (Coach at Presentation college and former Trinidad #1) , I was able to play squash at 8 of the island's 13 courts!

I got to play against their top 10 players alongwith the top ranked boys and girls in the under 19,17 and 15 age groups. Cicelia is a great coach and had us all doing many interesting drills on the court, some with 4-5 players on the court at the same time (called murder drills!).

Trinidadian juniors, Allistair, Geehung ,Andre and Arvin U17 and U19 playing in the south of Trinindad in San Fernando.

  • Squash movie video clip of Trinidadian juniors rally
  • Another rally clip

    Mrs. Prudent and my parents the outside of the squash court in San Fernando.

    Tobago squash court at Grafton hotel. There was a groups of regulars who play there but unfortunately our schedules didn't mesh that day. If you call the Grafton hotel they will give you their numbers. One of them is Phillip.

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